My latest shoot was with a model appropriately named “Summer.”  I was in Scottsdale, AZ for a conference, and while the calendar said April, it was already 100 degrees in the Phoenix area, so Summer was definitely already there.

Summer (the model) was amazing!  I reached out to her for a shoot with just a couple days notice.  Not only was Summer up for the shoot, but she made a quick shopping trip for wardrobe, and had a wonderful recommendation for the shooting location.

Scottsdale is a big art town, and the area around the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art is really cool.  Lots of old stucco buildings like you picture being out west, but also tons of gardens and works of art to be the backdrops for photos.  I’m so happy I got to do this shoot and I can’t wait to get back to Arizona!

Model Shoot with Desi Rayy

I had the good fortune to have the most beautiful weather of the year the day I was out in Broad Ripple and the Monon Trail with Desi Rayy, a model visiting from Lafayette.  It started out as a fitness shoot, but the weather was so nice we had to add a first-day-of-spring sundress shoot as well.  Desi was great to work with and we had a very enjoyable shoot!